West Wing Escape

“Great fun. Loved the clever puzzles that were creative but logical”

“A very good puzzle game! Highly recommended!” 

You thought you were safe when you escaped from the White House.  You thought that the game ended on an upbeat note, and everything was great. But actually you just passed out from the strain, and dreamed a happy ending. But now you are awake, and with West Wing Escape we pick up the story from the Oval Office. Onceagain up to your neck in trouble!

West Wing Escape is made for both the iPad and the iPhone families, and it is presented in the comic book style of Raving Manor, updated for the new devices and higher resolution displays. The game uses the same target based map movement as our recent Escape from the Distressed Maiden, and this time we include sounds. Also unique to old school adventure games, we include a percent complete counter, letting you know where you are in the game.

West Wing Escape is now available on the Apple App Store.

For a quick look at West Wing Escape, check out the following video and screen shots. The video was shot using an iPad, but the game plays on both the iPad and iPhone family of devices. The video is about 8 minutes long, and it should cover the basics about the game and what to expect. Any questions, please give us a shout at

NOTE: Free hints for West Wing Escape can be found here. But be sure to try it first.