UFO Adventure

Back in the day, we loved playing the classic adventure games. In fact, to this day they have left an impression, and we enjoy creating new adventures for your entertainment.

But we have always wanted to do a game that paid homage to those classic games. For this reason, we have created, wait for it, UFO Adventure.

UFO Adventure is meant to be a throwback to those fun point and click adventure games. You explore your world using the onscreen character, and he will pick up items, push buttons, and otherwise do your bidding. In playing the game, you will have to find your way out of the situation, and you just may have to outsmart an alien and save the world along the way. Not bad for a day of adventuring.

And not once do you have to change floppy disks to play the game (the older players may get that joke).

UFO Adventure is an all original adventure game set in the aftermath of a ballooning crash with a UFO. Picture this – you are out for a pleasant day of fun in an unknown area, when suddenly your balloon crashes with a strange (and naturally unexpected) saucer shaped UFO. Luckily you land okay, but now you have to figure out how to escape from your current predicament.

Along the way you discover that the little green men are up to no good, and if you plan on staying on the Earth you may have to thwart their plans of, you guessed it, blowing it up. Are you up to the challenge?( And why do they always go straight to blowing up the Earth?)

The game features a dynamically moving character that is controlled by the player with the simplest of touches. The character actually moves to pick up items, jury rig solutions, and even play puzzles. But unless you can figure out a way to stop the aliens and help get our adventurer back in the air, then it’s curtains for everyone currently residing on Earth. This would definitely make for a bad weekend.

The game is built on a visual engine, and no specific language skills are required since there are no written words in the game play. UFO Adventure automatically saves your progress, making it easy to pick up and play. Free hints are available through in-game screens and on the web site. Naturally we also offer email support in case you get truly stuck.

NOTE: Free hints for UFO Adventure can be found here. But be sure to try it first.