Email support can be found at:  For the adventure games, check out our hint pages for the individual game. If you are truly stuck, then give us a shout  and we’ll try to get you back on track with a suggestion or two. Please note that we do not keep email addresses used for support for any other purpose other than to respond to the sender. They are not put in any kind of list, and are kept only with the original email as required to service the requestor. Yes, we hate spam too.

iOS Update

Some iOS applications may require a phone update in order to run properly. This is easily accomplished by connecting the iPhone to a computer (mac or windows) that is running iTunes and letting it do the automatic update. Starting with iOS5, the update may take place directly over the air, removing the need for the host computer.

MAC Update

For our applications that are on the MAC, be sure to have the latest updates and fixes. This can be done by running software update in the Apple Menu. Our applications require Snow Leopard (10.6.x) or later. For full screen apps Lion or later is required.