Escape From The Maiden’s Curse

“I love adventure games, and this game was just enough of a challenge to keep me interested”

“..if you are just into mellow puzzle solving with a story that can be picked up quickly when you have a few minutes it is great” 

You wake up to find yourself alone on a strange cruise ship, with no clue as to how you got there or how you can escape. With only your wits and the limited resources you can find aboard the Distressed Maiden, you have to figure what to do in order to leave this ship. Oh, and by the way, the Distressed Maiden is a cursed ship, the result of a love triangle gone bad.

ESCAPE FROM THE MAIDEN’S CURSE is an all original adventure game that has been designed to work on a touch screen or mouse, allowing you to easily tap or cllick your way through the adventure. All navigation is done via relative targets on a map, and no typing is required. However, if you do want to take some notes, there is an auto-saving user notebook at your disposal.

The game is designed to allow a pick up and play playing style, automatically saving your progress through the game. The universal game can be played on all current iOS devices, using the strength of the interface to its best advantage.

The game is supported by a website and email. In case the going gets too rough (you never know what you are going to find aboard a cursed cruise ship), free hints are available on the website.

Note: Hints for Escape from the Maiden’s curse can be found here. But be sure to try it first.

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